Custom Money Upgrade

Totally customised, one of a kind board game playing money.

210 x Custom printed board game bank notes

30 of each denomination in 7 different colours (Colours can be edited upon request)

30 x 500 notes, 30 x 100 notes, 30 x 50 note, 30 x 20 note, 30 x 10 notes, 30 x 5 notes, 30 x 1 notes. (Value can be edited upon request)

You can customise:
- Name at the top of the notes
- Value on the notes
- Picture in the centre
- Colour(s)
- Currency

This item is for purchase alongside a custom-opoly board game or independently.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or special requests
Can I personalise this item?

Yes. This is an upgrade for our Customopoly Board Game and as such can be personalised alongside the game.

It can also be purchased individually.